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25.04.15 Oberhausen (48 zugesagte Besucher)
The Ghost Inside,Stick To Your Guns,Suicide Silence,White Chapel,Deez Nuts,Adept,Madball,BEING AS AN OCEAN,Comeback Kid,Napoleon,Obey The Brave,
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05.06.15 Köln (19 zugesagte Besucher)
Converge,TRAP THEM,HARMS WAY,Young And In The Way,
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02.05.15 Leipzig (19 zugesagte Besucher)
Madball,Suicide Silence,The Ghost Inside,Emmure,Stick To Your Guns,Deez Nuts,BEING AS AN OCEAN,White Chapel,Obey The Brave,Adept,
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08.08.15 Hannover (16 zugesagte Besucher)
Nasty,All Out War,No Turning Back,Lifeless,Steel Nation,Naysayer,Coldburn,Empowerment,Gone To Waste,Friend Or Foe,Harm/Shelter,Blind Beliefs,Nothings Left,The Heist,Venom Persion,Angst,Fallbrawl,Beardown,Optimist,Lionheart
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04.05.15 Göttingen (15 zugesagte Besucher)
Comeback Kid,Bane,World Eater,MY IRON LUNG,,Tausend Löwen unter Feinden,
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05.06.15 Querfurt (14 zugesagte Besucher)
Suburban Scum,DESOLATED,No Zodiac,Rude Awakening,Benchpress,HARMS WAY,Hardside,Optimist,Blind Beliefs,
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07.08.15 Duisburg (13 zugesagte Besucher)
All Out War,Embraced By Hatred,
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21.08.15 Köln (13 zugesagte Besucher)
Boysetsfire, Chuck Ragan, Funeral For A Friend, Off With Their Heads, War On Women
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11.07.15 Halver (11 zugesagte Besucher)
Nasty,First Blood,Born From Pain,Questions,Kids Insane,Cheap Drugs,Anchor,The August,Ghost Of A Chance,Thinner
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