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@FuryOfV am 06.07.16 um 10:22 Die FORCED OUT "End Of Suffering" CDEP (FWH-FBS011) wird in Kürze via FWH Records erscheinen. Die Platte ist bereits digital erhältlich über Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, GooglePlay, Amazon, etc.

Ganz harter Tobak aus Long Island NY. Heavy Hardcore Mosh meets NJ-styled Beatdown...

@FuryOfV am 15.02.16 um 15:11 FWH Eshop Neuigkeiten Februar 2015...

DEAD END TRAGEDY (D) "Panic overdose" CD
7 years after their debut full-length "Unpreventable" released back in 2009, Lower Saxony´s DEAD END TRAGEDY are back on the map and gonna release their new album entitled "Panic overdose" through BDHW Recrds. If you are into heavy in your face European Hardcore Beatdown Mosh and don´t mind breakdowns this should be in your collection. Recommended for everybody into NASTY, BALBOA, EMBRACED BY HATRED, IN BLOOD WE TRUST, WORDS OF CONCRETE and WOLFPACK.

DESOLATED (UK) "The beginning 2011-2014" JP-CD

The early DESOLATED releases first time available in CD format relased by Japanese label RETRIBUTE Records. 15 tracks in total featuring the three EP´s "Fear of life", "Disorder of mind" and "Verse of format". No-frills, metallic, downtuned, second-wave, UK Beatdown Hardcore straight out of Southampton. A must-have for everybody into heavy Hardcore music along the lines of NASTY, FALLBRAWL, MALEVOLENCE, GUNISHMENT, BUN DEM OUT and 50 CALIBER.


Back in 2007 UK´s DESOLATED started as a heavy Deathcore outfit and evolved their sound into a metallic Beatdown direction within this period of time. In the past 9 years the band released 3 EP´s and now in 2016 it´s time for their heavy and groundbreaking full-length debut. "The End" is coming up with 10 tracks of powerful and aggressive mid-tempo Mosh Beatdown Hardcore packed in a dynamic heavy production. Expect nothing than an intense display of violence on this record. For fans of NASTY, MALEVOLENCE, WORLD OF PAIN, KNUCKLEDUST and FALLBRAWL.

Out of frustration and the need to switch up the status quo in the current Hardcore landscape, South Jerseys´s GARLAND GREENE was born. All the members of the band grew in the very active NJHC community, which has inspired their sound and played in bands such as CDC, REPERCUSSION, DEATH DO US PART, YEARS SPENT COLD and LIFELESS. Admiring Hardcore, Punk and Metalcore, GARLAND GREENE´s mission has been to deliver meaningful, focused lyrics over powerful and crushing riffs with unique rhythms. For fans of MARTYR AD, UNTIL THE END, LIFELESS, BURIED ALIVE and ALL OUT WAR. Released as a professional manufactured full-colored CDr in a limited edition.

LIFESICK (DK) "6.0.1." CDr
6.0.1. Six feet under, no jury, one rope. Revived out of the ashes of defunct Danish Hardcore legends SPINKICK, LIFESICK is spitting out their debut release, crammed with hateful, depressive, blackened Hardcore. LIFESICK´s first output ?6.0.1.? combines the love for heavy music with strong lyrics from the heart about life, depression, mind plague and death rounded up with sharp riffs and outstanding vocals. Sounding like the morbid vibe of THE BANNER is wrapped together with some LENGTH OF TIME riffing madness and a remarkable vocal style reminding to LIFE AFTER DEATH. Released as a professional manufactured CDr with 4-pages booklet in a limited edition of 200 copies only.

LIONHEART (USA) "Love don´t live here" CD
California?s Hardcore heavyhitters, LIONHEART are back with their first full-length in over four years. The quintet will release "Love don?t live here" in January 2016. The album´s title is a nod to a classic R&B, Motown song by the same name and shows the band´s unwillingness to conform to the typical "Hardcore mold", as well as the bitter and unforgiving lyrical content the band is known for. Straight up heavy Hardcore for fans of MADBALL, TERROR, HATEBREED and FIRST BLOOD.

@FuryOfV am 27.04.15 um 13:56 EMBRACED BY HATRED (D) "Time waits" CD
After two releases on FWH Records and a long hiatus, West-Germany´s EBH return with their third full-length. Fast paced 90´s Metalcore with heavy beatdowns, divebombs, lots of double bass carpets and grotesque heavy hearted guitar licks and solos. Speaking music-wise EMBRACED BY HATRED has grown mature in the shadows of THE ICE and developed an, for the EU HC scene, incomparable detailed sound. Welding 80´s Crossover and 90´s NYHC with Death Metal into a melting mixture in the vein of MERAUDER, OBITUARY, STIGMATA, CRO-MAGS, DROWNING and INTEGRITY.

Limited Edition (300 copies) on 180g purple wax, gatefold-cover, download-code and poster.

KNUCKLEDUST (UK) "Unbreakable" LP
Limited Edition (300 copies) on 180g red wax. Third full-length by London³s Hardcore powerhouse. "Unbreakable" delivers 11 relentless tracks of pure energy and aggression that will incite rage to any Hardcore, Punk or Metal kid. With lyrics that spew anger, hatred and frustration and music that screams violence, devastation, destruction and chaos seem to be the only future for our world. More energetic and powerful than their previous stuff, KNUCKLEDUST kick ass with traditional furious Old School Hardcore blended with great Metal riffing, brutal breakdowns, harsh vocals and plenty of singalongs. Besides KNUCKLEDUST, singer Pierre also take part in BDF (BEATDOWN FURY) and BUN DEM OUT.

KNUCKLEDUST (UK) "Time won´t heal this" CD
"Time won't heal this" is the re-mastered version of KNUCKLEDUST´s very first album, released for their 15th anniversary. KNUCKLEDUST being around for 15 years, is a good opportunity to re-release their very first album ever. Re-mastered by Igor Wouters and features the original classics such as "Dust to dust" and "Two faced". With these 10 songs it more or less started for KNUCKLEDUST back in the late 90´s. Since then, nonstop around with the same line up, KNUCKLEDUST survived and became the leading UK Hardcore band.

KNUCKLEDUST (UK) "Time won´t heal this" LP
Limited edition re-release on black vinyl.

SCARRED 4 LIFE (JP) "Demo 2015" JP-CDr
Woow! What a great new band from Japan. Mainly influenced by old bands like MADBALL, EVERYBODY GETS HURT, BILLYCLUB SANDWICH, TWO BY FOUR, STIGMATA, WARTIME MANNER and COLD AS LIFE, Japanese SCARRED 4 LIFE is paying a huge tribute to the classical East Coast Tuff Guy sound of the 90´s. These 3 songs bring back good old memories from a time where Hardcore was true, dedicated and real without any hypes and fashion. Each demo includes a free sticker with S4L logo drawn by Chris "Beee" Benetos (EVERYBODY GETS HURT).