OPEN CITY - Open City

OPEN CITY - Open City

  Musik        30.01.2017
Photo(s) freigegeben von Mirko uncle-m
Mit dem Begriff Supergroup wird heutzutage viel zu leichtfertig umgegangen. Wer sich jedoch nur ein bisschen in der Underground-Hardcore-Szene auskennt wird kaum darum herumkommen, Open City als eine absolute Allstar-Truppe einzuordnen. Auf ihrem gleichnamigen Debütalbum kratzt das aus Dan Yemin (Paint It Black, Lifetime, Kid Dynamite), Andy Nelson (Ceremony, Paint It Black), Rachel Wilson (Bridge & Tunnel, Worriers) und Chris Wilson (Ted Leo & The Pharmacists) bestehende Quartett sämtliche Einflüsse seiner Hauptbands zusammen und präsentiert einen rasanten, angepissten Querschnitt durch die Geschichte des US-Hardcore.

„For Shame“ verknüpft beispielsweise bedrohliche Midtempo-Stakkato-Riffs und Wilsons abwechslungsreichen Gesang mit einem Text über erniedrigende Anmachsprüche, in „Black Veils“ kanalisiert Wilson eine rohere Version des Posthardcores ihrer ehemaligen Band Bridge & Tunnel, während „Brother, I’m Getting Nowhere“ 90s-Melodic-Hardcore-Grooves an dynamische Doubletime-Passagen kittet und damit an Lifetime und Paint It Black erinnert. Für die Produktion der wandelbaren Platte zeichnet sich Untergrund-Ikone Will Yip (Nothing, Citizen, Title Fight, Pianos Become The Teeth) verantwortlich, der dem Quartett einen ruppigen, aber dennoch definierten Sound auf den Leib schneidert.

Politisch, angepisst und sozialkritisch, aber gleichzeitig mit der richtigen Portion Melodie: Schon das Debüt von Open City verspricht, ordentlich in der Szene einzuschlagen.

„Open City“ erscheint über End Hits digital am 27. Januar, im März wird eine auf 500 Stück limitierte Vinyl-Version sowie eine limitierte CD- und Tape-Auflage folgen, die über den Labelshop vorbestellbar sind:


HELL HATH NO FURY I bet you’d like it if I just sat silent and let you speak over me hold your tongue and hear me say “we’ve had enough” hell hath no fury like a woman scorned? you’re goddamn right! I don’t have the patience to tell you anymore I shouldn’t have to tell a grown man how to act why is this so hard to understand? you look confused I bet this is hard for you you look confused I bet you’d like it if we sat in silence and never said anything about how we feel, about what we want, about what we need I bet you’d like it if I picked a fight with the biggest shadow on the wall swinging my fists at the air what do I have to do to get your attention? I know you’d like if we just sat silent and never challenged your ideas so here's how we feel, here’s what we want, here’s what we need: to be heard. if our opinions are secondary, why are we such a threat to you?

WHOSE GOD? I never imagined we’d open this book with such black hands what happened? we’re all reeling in the second birth yeah, whose god gave you that gun? point that thing somewhere else point it at yourself I never complained with a dull knife the plaintiff is ready for action just now offer up this sacrifice yeah, which bastard here called you his son? we all know that you’re on the floor whose god gave you that gun? point that thing somewhere else point it at yourself

FOR SHAME do you come here often? have I seen you around here before? I think you look familiar but when I turned around you were gone. I can smell your stare coming down from a mile away you don’t come early but you always find a way to stay. hey man, I got my eye on you don’t you know we all do? go right ahead tell us all the things you know we want to hear learn the language like business and fake the progress hey man, I got my eye on you but I bet you already know we all do go on, go about your practice writing little notes onto napkins pass them down on to the next. do you know this man? have you seen him around here before? there’s a mark on his name he's been trying to hide all along. we all know what you did. commit him

BLACK VEILS there are things I can’t unsee words that I can’t unread I can feel you’re near, but I can’t find you buried deep underneath the back porch the bed frame the doormat the windowpane you never forgot where we hid hope now nothing feels the same as I remember nothing looks the same as it did before would you like it if I came over? and if I did could I lay beside you in mother’s bed? and if I did what would it mean if I spent another night? what would it mean? would it be alright? in effort to reclaim the part that I would play I got the pages of your last note now nothing feels the same as I remember nothing looks the same as it did before would you ignore the body? would it be alright if we just slept? in effort to reclaim the part that I would play I never forgot where we came from

ON THE SPIT who left you there on the floor? gasping for air through the smoke who held the knife to your throat when those bulls came rushing straight through the gate? we know the end to all this is death but we’re still patting our boys on the back pat ‘em on the back who let you into the party? we’re laying face down on the floor you kicked down the door with your big boots shattered the teeth of an old horse

BROTHER, I’M GETTING NOWHERE here we go again running our mouths run until the words run out we’re tired of coming in second we try but we don’t learn the lesson fall again how many times will we let “our friend” kick us down steal the crown well, who anointed you? holy son to rule this kingdom of shit holy son you rule us all I never wanted to be like you but to get ahead I better wear your skin I’ll try it on go ahead tell it to the wall we never had a chance at all fighting it seems quite useless when everyone’s trying to mind my business I don’t care where you’re from I just want to see what you’re made of suck it up and spit it in my face mind your position and join the race holy son, I’ll be waiting in the back for my number to be called all these words they don’t mean shit when all you do is yell at bricks all these words they don’t mean shit when all we do is yell at bricks blah blah blah blah blah blah I don’t care I’ll see you there

NIGHTSHIFT caught in the middle of another sleepless night. trying to wrap those words around my head how I could I be so obtuse? but if it’s finally over, will we actually admit it? I know it’s been a while since we’ve felt this spark I know you’re far from done you know I’m far from here can you finish what we started or go back where we belong? just look me in the eye and tell me where to go planning my next move means nothing to you when you wander in and out of the day with no pattern or restraint we get sloppy as we age if we don’t call for direction set our sights and move with purpose you know I’m far from done I know you’re far from here do we finish what we started? I’m not even tired yet I promised you I’d stay here until it ends we never want to let it end we could’ve fought for another win we all are trying to stay here. we’ll fight we’ll come alive at night

NERVE CENTER fight fight fight is all we do yell about it, but never move call in sick call it quits stay in bed and read instead I am tired and you are right we’ve given up the fight trading my cards in for other efforts find a place where I can be more effective what a fucking joke all we do is speak the truth try to say this another way we have to choose call in sick or call it quits what is this all worth? beat me up I’ve had enough I know that you think I won’t come through for you maybe this time I fucking won’t? you know I don’t think that we can change this we can’t if we don’t try I know you think that I can’t change this I can’t if you don’t let me

SOFA DRUGS complicate or comply if it suits you, well, I don’t mind to dress in red, to lie in bed with my forked tongue tied I’m not asleep yet. breaking every rule we set, is this all we can fit in our hungry mouths? she don’t care, well, I don’t mind we’re filling up the pens to draw the lines to call it quits? or write the script? without which how would we know how to live? everyone keeps acting like they know a secret now pay attention to the words we say: “this isn’t really about what we say” it’s about what we do it’s about what we say we want to now our eyes are closed and we’re following like faithful sheep buy it for us so we can accept your generosity graciously on our knees apparently I haven’t said enough I know you’ve already heard it all buy it for us our head in your hands when we’re sedate enough pour the gas, light the match and get out of here

HONEST AS A SUNDAY MORNING I’ve felt a false sense of assurance in these lights through all my sleepless nights I’ve been placing self-interest over self worth and I’m not really ready to hear what you have to say but I want you to say it, say it to me anyway. please look me in the eye what good will I find when you tell me I’m fucking this up again and again and again and I’m trying to change these patterns of behavior or am I? please tell me that I’m wrong but sometimes it’s easier to stay sick than deal my your own shit but I want to be better for you I’m tired but I’m not slowing down.

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