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Über mich (registriert seit 27.01.14)

Ich singe und/oder spiele Gitarre/Bass in Bands (Metal bis Hardcore). Führe ein kleines DIY Label (Platten/Tapes), Fanzine, Blog und veranstalte hin und wieder Shows. Serien/Filme und Spiele Nerd (alles von PC/Konsole über MTG bis Arkham Horror). Besitze mehr Platten und Band-Shirts als gesund wäre. Straight Edge seit 4 Jahren. Vegan seit 2 Jahren (Vegetarisch seit 5).
fb.com/BoundByModernAge /// fb.com/ForwardToEden /// boundXbyXmodernXage.bandcamp.com


The time has come for an ideology and for a movement that is both physically and morally strong enough to battle with the forces of evil that are destroying the earth and all life upon it. All innocent life is sacred and must have the right to live out its natural state of existence in peace without interference. This single ethic insures that all life from a fetus or a grown human (black, white, male or female) to an animal or its habitat is guaranteed equal rights with liberty for all regardless of someone?s personal bias against them. We condemn both, capitalism and communism which both see nature to be nothing more than a mass of resources for human consumption and exploitation. We denounce this modern society which was built on genocide, slavery and eco-terrorism and perpetrates racism, sexism and speciesism. We do not believe in any political ideology which has its roots in and has risen from the dominant western culture be it left or right offers no solutions to the world?s problems. We recognize that what is born is born to another and that all life on earth and the natural order around which is meant to revolve spring forth from root higher power. With that acknowledgement we also understand that each people according to their situation and experiences will have different conceptualizations of what that power is. Some may call it god others a lifeforce and others still perhaps just life or nature. We embrace the truth from where ever it reveals itself. And therefore we have to proceed forward to eden.


Lovecraft, Comics, Mangas, ...