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bored to be wild

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I read an interview with that Perry guy from Crass slaggin of The Pistols because they sold out and the Clash or whatever but fuck off. Anarchists, typical elitist tossers “Oh we got arrested more than you” “We live in the woods” “Thatcher had us on a death list” blah blah fuckin blah Fuck off. I hear Crass are good and that’s fine but Revolt has almost been turned into a pantomime with most, you can argue the toss all day but even Philip Green has to recycle his cereal packets. We are all fucked. Write about the wall in front of you, keep it interesting and don’t sell out…Done.
I read somewhere that John Cooper said that The Arctic Monkeys were “the gold mark of current music” something like that anyway, That’s fucking stupid – I mean why? What’s he saying that for? They are fucking crap man, like ya uncle and his shit mates wobbling about singing ‘n stuff.Aus einem Interview -1:1 inkl. Grammatik- mit den scheißcoolen Fuckern von "Sleaford Mods" geklaut, passt.