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so let's give those demons wings

Ich interessiere mich hier für

Am besten auch gleich jemanden mit dem man auch mal raus- oder auf Shows gehen kann.
Über mich

A formal introduction:
. [I am just]: "another living dead ballroom dancer shouting from escapes like they've got the answer...."
while I hide behind the music I listen to,
"like art could save a wretch like me,
with some ideal ideology that no one can hope to achieve"
- I'm never real, it's just a sketch of me and everything I've made is trite and cheap and a waste,
of paint
of tape,
of time. - but I guess that's okay in some way...
I try to just keep moving on,
with my broken heart and my absent god
and I have no faith but I believe in me and....
this isn't poetry
it's not a cry for sympathy
see, this is just what I need
this is just for me
at least I hope
"music this magnificent and medicine are one and the same
they make life worth living; hearts worth healing"
remember the passion that you used to have when music was the only thing that you had?
this still is the only thing that is worth my breath.
to say it with Scooter Wards [Cold] words, -
"I need music to set me free, to let me bleed".
I'm heaven sent
don't you dare forget...
I wish I knew.


So here I am for what it's worth
I spilled my blood against the earth
just to see the world in colour
I'd lay my whole life on the line just to see this through
If it consumes me, let the script upon my tomb read:
"I found my love and let it kill me"
the world's a funeral, a room of ghosts
no hint of movement, no sign of pulse
only an echo, just skin and bone
I asked for death,
but Instead I'm awake
the devil told me
"no room for cheats",
I thought I'd sold my soul,
but he kept the receipt
so leave the light on, I'm coming home
it's getting darker, but I'll carry on
the sun don't shine but it never did
and when it rains, it fucking pours,
but I think I like it
and you know that I'm in love with the mess
I think I like it
leave my mind alone so I can rate and number my thoughts 1 2 3
on a list that weighs and measures my priorities
It goes 1-bands = friends 2-band who become friends 3 -when and how I'm gonna see them.
and losing my money it's not about money
...and it feels like I just found my way
cause in my darkest hour I hear that music play
and suddenly the world and it's toil disappear
when the symphony rings through my ears
the most beautiful song you can hear
may the music I love fill the years
and we spoke
about the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost
and which songs we had loved the most
and then we all turned to dirt, and dust
some men die under the mountain just looking for gold
some die looking for a hand to hold
the doctor said "Your head's a mess, you've come apart bit by bit,
take medicine, you'll feel again", but I sure as hell just feel like shit.
he says "It's probably all that drinking", and I say
"Doc, you're overthinking, why would I interfere with a process that's keeping me from sinking??
I wanted to be the one to keep you warm when you were cold
watch our lives play out, but I will be gone while you grow old
grant me this last request before I meet the hands of death
when I?m buried in the dirt, remember us for what it?s worth


reading the lyrics of [almost] every song I listen to - soo much to discover - a whole universe to me.